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The ERNA Memorial Grant


For most creative professionals, there is an understanding that our craft comes at a cost. However, many of us do not have a generous benefactor to help fund those needs that can positively impact a career. But what if we did? Attending conferences, paying for exams, or professional membership fees can feel impossible while avoiding the ‘starving artist’ stigma. In an effort to pay it forward for the next generation of brilliant creatives and super humans, we have created the ERNA Memorial Grant.

The ERNA Memorial Grant seeks to Elevate, Retain, Nurture and Assist its awardee(s) in the amount of $1,333.00 , which can be used toward professional development. Please complete the application below. The application fee is $33.00 and can be paid online. The deadline is July 30th, 2019 at midnight. If you have supporting materials (recommendation letters, portfolio, etc) that you would like to support your application, please send them to with the subject line : ERNA Grant Supporting Material – Applicant’s Last Name.