There is beauty in our diverse narratives. Through shared stories, we create opportunities to EMPOWER each other.

In addition to the speaking engagements of our founder, Danei Cesario, WALLEN + daub shares stories through Napkin Sketch, a vignette which features a brilliant creative + their unique experiences. NineNodes is a living library of industry events. If you are interested in being featured in Napkin Sketch or NineNodes, please contact info@wallendaub.com.


Global Grassroots - The International efforts for the NEXT GENeration of ARCHitecture Saturday October 19th 2019 at 11:00AM, Brooklyn Marriott Course Number NOMA201908

In a dynamic and engaging discussion, representatives from four global grass-root efforts piloted to increase visibility, representation and diversity will share their work in addressing issues in a profession that historically lacked these tenets for immigrants, women and minorities.


We are excited to have our founder highlight the amazing work of Black Female Architects in a recent Architectural Digest article!


AIAS (American Institute of Architects Students) : #AskAnArchitect Interview with Danei Cesario AIA


Advancing the Conversation: ENR’s Top 20 Under 40 Discuss Critical Industry Issues

Selected by a panel of judges, this diverse group of young professionals work to reshape the industry through cultural change, mentorship and technology.

Feminist Wednesday
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Stop asking where all the female architects are; we're right here

By JULIA GAMOLINA • December 21, 2018